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Sneakers by Filling Pieces Independent Running

Independent Running


An independent designer sneaker brand based in Amsterdam and founded in 2009 by the talented Guillaume Philibert, the label Filling Pieces shows that there is a market for amazing sneaker designs and their designers. Each and every beautiful pair incorporates a high quality craftmanship & a premium/unique feeling. But at the same time it comes with a reasonable price tag which is a lovely thing to do for sneaker addicts. đŸ™‚


And what’s even more important for you guys is maybe that the collection is still handmade with great care in Portugal, using only the finest Italian materials. I do hope they will become a global brand and i hope i could do my part in writing about them and staying updated on new designs each step of the way. đŸ™‚

Ps: Sneakers are around 200 Euros.


Filling Pieces