Saint Alfred x Asics Gel Lyte - iamrabbani
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Saint Alfred x Asics Gel Lyte

Chicago meets the beloved Gel Lyte V


Say hello to this rugged buddy! A new collaboration between the sneaker store Saint Alfred and Asics – high-tech everything was basically the idea behind this sneaker for rainy days or armageddons with a Gore Tex membrane , Nubuk (water-resistant material), Rip Stop Nylon. The design on the other hand is inspired by the colors of the hauntingly beautiful city of Chicago. It’s a sneaker that would look really good on Batman on casual friday¬†or for a quick jog around the downtown area.


So get your sneak on and look for these babies on the 5th of December 2015


Solebox & Overkill in Berlin


Titelhelden in Hamburg


Paar Laden in Wien




The video is basically 12 seconds on a Wednesday in Chicago but i really like the feel of it and as Chicago is my favorite city in the United States i love watching it.