WIFI Commercial - iamrabbani
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WIFI Commercial

In cooperation with PPM Film, i am happy to present the WIFI Commercials.

Thanks go out to producer Dieter Klein, director Christian Mielman and my favourite make-up artist Alma Milcic

First we have the whole swimming pool ad, which was actually quite relaxing in the morning. My styling is not really a big deal here because you cant see the swimsuits but at least my favourite retro fashion swim cap. I was impressed by our two actresses who managed to combine swimming and acting in such a natural way.

The Junior Controller ad was shot in a viennese restaurant and with 20 extras to check outfits and change to match the color of the interieur, be fashionable and most important – not to steal focus of our lovely couple it was a lot to do.

I had twenty different jackets with me but at the end we picked my old corduroy jacket so you see sometimes its good to keep your old warderobe. It might end up in a commercial.