Oriental Food Styling by iamrabbani
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Oriental Food Styling

An Oriental Vegetarian Voyage

The Orient is the place to gorge on some divine grub. Tasty food for every mood. We are taking you to Tunisia, Morocco, Iran, Levantine and Turkey. Look at these delicious dishes. All dishes are vegetarian.

Dynamic Duo Ali Rabbani and photographer Craig Dillon at work. Thanks to Gary Holmes for is brilliant assistance.

1. Iran – Sweet Saffron Rice Pudding – Sholeh Zard

2. Turkey/Iran – Ayran/Dugh – Joghurtdrink

3. Taboulé – Levantine Salad with Bulgur and Parsley

4. Morocco – Marinated Oven Roasted Carrots with Feta and Mint

5. Tunisia – Tagine – Chickpea and Vegetable Stew


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Here some Wiki Info:

Middle Eastern cuisine is the cuisine of the various countries and peoples of the Middle East. The cuisine of the region is diverse while having a degree of homogeneity. Some commonly used ingredients include olives and olive oil, pitas, honey, sesame seeds, dates, sumac, chickpeas, mint and parsley. Some popular dishes include kibbeh and shawarma.