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Foodstyling * Recipes #3

Puff Pastry Chorizo and BBQ Chicken

As i just came back from Paris and their obsession with pain au chocolat – i was thinking of a new recipe and a different approach to puff pastry. And that’s my take on it:

You can either make your own puff pastry or buy one from the supermarket. But when it comes to that i actually prefer the finished one because the difference between homemade and store-bought is in my opinion too small.


So…. rollout your finished dough, let it get to room temperature and sprinkle some flour on it so it doesn’t feel too moist. Then cut out squares. Always cut a top and a bottom, don’t do any folds because they will break and look shitty and also if you think you have a good size – go bigger by 20%. Trust me.


So you got your squares and here are the ingredients as always measure yourself by feel and taste.


BBQ Chicken:


Heat up a pan and put a good dollop of your favorite BBQ Sauce in it (you can mix 2 together just for the sake of it) add garlic, onions (chopped) and a dash of oil and start heating it up slowly. When you start smelling the awesome aroma of BBQ, onion and garlic you can add the chicken that you sliced as thin as possible before (chicken breast and i am mean thin as sashimi). While the chicken is frying in the pan start turning them around in the sauce, slowly and with feeling (best to use tongs). (Add water or BBQ Sauce as needed to get a good sauce around your chicken). Salt and Pepper as you like. I love to add a bit of Korean Red Pepper Flakes, a dash of Cayenne and a spritz of Habanero chili sauce. Let it cool down and mix it with your favorite cheese – i would go with flavorful cheese (meaning: yes to cheddar and no to mozzarella), fresh tomatoes, the green part of a spring onion, coriander (if you like it) and if you want add more go ahead, but keep in mind to pick ingredients that don’t have too much water (so you might want to skip the lettuce and cucumbers).



What’s important is that Chorizo is always better warm and a bit fried in the pan. So mix it up with a dash of olive oil, spring onions, garlic and a bit butter. Don’t salt or pepper. Leave the Chorizo as it is. Mix it with some good italian cheese and some Parmigiano, chopped tomatoes and fresh basil.



Now you got your two mixes ready. Put a good amount on the dough and close it up with the top and seal the edges with a fork.


Brush it down with a good amount of eggwash (beaten raw egg mixed with a bit water) and put it in the oven at 200C until its gold brown.





When arranging your food try to think outside of the box and think of different materials you can present your food on. Here i just used the baking sheet, crumpled up a bit so it gets texture. A dash of BBQ Sauce in the front and sprinkled with onion crisps, the white space in between leaves room for the food to “breath”.