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Foodstyling * Recipes #2 Eggs Benedict on homemade bun

Eggs Benedict on homemade bun


Today’s recipe and foodstyling is a breakfast dish. One of my all time favourite – Eggs Benedict. These are extremely annoying to prepare and on the net are about a million different versions and i read them all. But at the end on a morning where you don’t want to spend forever swirling the exact mixture of vinegar and hot water in a pot here is the perfect solution.


Eggs Benedict:


What you need for the Eggs only
Eggs, Salt, Pepper
Olive Oil
Plastic Wrap


Get a cup (coffee mug or something similar and put plastic wrap inside so it covers the inside of your mug and hangs over the edge. Dip your finger into Olive Oil and cover the inside of this open bag with it (this will keep the egg from sticking to the plastic). Next crack the egg into the plastic covered mug and close the plastic around it. Wrap it around itself or make a knot at the end….the important thing is that you should have a closed plastic ball with your egg in it at the end.


Boil water and put the bag in for 5min. Open the bag and serve immediately.


It takes me around 3min to make one bag so it’s really easy when you get the hang of it.


This recipe was made with a store-bought half-baked bun, shredded romaine lettuce, Dijon mustard, tomatoes and coriander (cilantro).


Foodstyling / Plating tip: The food is stacked and the highest and lowest part are both green surrounding your star the egg and making the egg yolk shine. Just before i took the picture i made a vertical incision with a very sharp knife so the yolk flows out and looks really yummy.


The wooden plate is from H&M – cheap and very pretty.


Noosh e jan (farsi for bon appetitĀ – and actually meaning Food of Life)