Nerd Factor #2 - The Ferris Bueller Look
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Nerd Factor #2 – The Ferris Bueller Look – Original

One of my all time favorite movies and so i dedicated a post to him for his unforgettable look. Through all this years i still think that he looks awesome but maybe it’s because i have my nostalgia glasses on. But as a stylist i tell you this look will come back :).



Unfortunately I deleted the post by mistake so after a lot of people asking me for another version. Here we go with Ferris Bueller Look 2015.



Some things never change so his iconic jacket and his vest are still being produced by the same company.



The Leather Jacket – I swear one day i am gonna take the leap and order one.


The Vest – The same goes with the Vest here the link to the ebay seller (if it’s outdated then just search ferris bueller sweater vest)

Please don’t buy the one from amazon. It’s hideous. *As i was copying the link i couldn’t resist and bought one!*

And if you are a self-made designer here are the prints


The Shirt – Well it’s a white shirt, i don’t think you need a link or a picture :).


The Pants – Even though Ferris wears them a bit looser i love these Richard James pants


The Shoes – Check out these sweet babies !



The SunglassesClassic Clubmaster Ray Ban


The beret – Go for the all time favorite kangol beret.

By the way the red/yellow button/patch on the beret is that of the 32nd armored regiment with the motto “Victory or Death”
Which was Elvis Presley’s unit 🙂 and you get it right here


The Car – The incredible once in a lifetime – ultra rare 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California – One of the most expensive cars in the world as seen in this article.

If you don’t want to spend 11 million you can get almost the same car – for 100000 dollars – here. (if the link is expired search for the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder Modena)