Know Your Brand #2 - Profound Aesthetic - iamrabbani
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Know Your Brand #2 – Profound Aesthetic

Profound Aesthetic


Oh how i love this brand! Look at these wonderful and gorgeous designs. I will let you know if i get my gorgeous new jacket. Outerwear is their theme although they do have the rest of the stuff too you need for not getting arrested for indecent exposure. But with a rough material like these and the amazing cutting technique it’s just ridiculously beautiful. I love the toned down color scheme and right now i am a fan of anything that looks a little bit apocalyptic (weird i know). All the pockets for the next zombie attack or hoodie for the killer virus….. i digress.


And the price are tender to your wallet.


So with a beautiful name like this what can go wrong. Thanks for the good work P.A. since late 2008 NYC 😉


Profound Aesthetic