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iLepo – Foldable Keyboard

iLepo – Foldable Keyboard for Smartphones

So you are on the road and get into the situation that you need to write a long email or some other kind of work but fidgeting with the virtual keyboard sucks (i swear its gotten worse since my iPhone 6s) so for all those journal entries there is the iLepo Flyshark. What i like about this baby is that it fits in your pocket – its basically the same size as your smartphone.


Made out of aluminium alloy it connects via USB or Bluetooth and only 13!mm thick and connects to iOs or Android phones so no worries where your phone future is headed.


It also has the fn functions which allow you to take pictures, screenshots or search remotely. I have no clue if this will come in handy but it’s an additional gimmick which is absolutely fine with me.


Price is also nice with approx. 50 bucks.