Hint Hunt - Escape Game Deluxe - Review by iamrabbani
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Hint Hunt – Escape Game Deluxe

Safe the world, Rob the bank, Escape the prison


There are two types of people – the ones who know and love escape games and the ones who have never heard of them. As i belong to the first group and am incredibly obsessed with these kind of games i want to introduce my recent conquest. HINT HUNT Vienna – just opened right on Mariahilferstrasse! For all you non Viennese people they also rock other cities like London, Paris, Dubai, Cape Town & Moscow.


And Hint Hunt is not your standard garage/basement escape game company – they took it upon themselves to take interactive genre to the next level. The highly immersive gameplay and amazing interior design separates this company from all the other ones. All other games are also awesome but if you ever think about trying out the genre of escape games this is definitely the best starting point. The helpful staff is hilarious and always helpful with newbies and old timers. So i will be back this week and challenge the submarine level for a second time because you can actually play a room more than once which is also absolutely unique in the world of escape games (believe me i have tested 10 locations).


So i can honestly recommend to all you guys … call up your friends (4 is a good number) reserve a room and thank me later.





Escape Games are a type of physical adventure game in which people are locked in a room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limi (usually 60min). The games are based on “escape the room” video games in which the player is locked inside a room and must explore their surroundings in order to escape which by now has change to themes like: rob the bank, escape the prison, defuse the bomb, haunted house, egyptian mummy, indiana jones and many more. Players must be observant and use their critical thinking skills to escape the room.



SUBMARINE MISSION GAME INTRODUCTION  – written by Hint Hunt but it is spot on so why change it? 🙂




In 2015 HintHunt® took a deep breath and decided to raise the bar and flood the Earth with even higher quality games. We took everything we learnt from operating escape rooms and redesigned the whole experience from the ground up. The result is a whole new category we call MISSION GAMES and its first version comes in the form of the HintHunt® Submarine.

Certainly we kept all the pros from the classic escape games, like the immersive 60-minute-gameflow, the challenging team exercises, the ecstasy of finding clues and solving puzzles. But, we also realized there is way too much room for improvement in these games, so we came up with a super new game room, that’s capable of running multiple missions through an intelligent, but seamless system. All this built behind a professionally designed & beautiful interior.



Don’t be surprised that there are no photos of the rooms which would be insanely stupid to show you how it looks like inside before you go there….it’s like saying Bruce Willis is dead the whole time in The Sixth Sense – Spoiler! 🙂