Best Iphone Lens 2015 - Review
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Vic Tsing 3 in 1

Best Iphone Lens 2015

Vic Tsing 3 in 1 Clip on lenses for Smartphones

So i finally upgraded to an Iphone 6s mainly because of the camera and because i am such a nerd i had to buy all the accessories known to man…. i know, don’t judge.

So one of my new acquisitions is the Vic Tsing 3 in 1 Clip on lens. It comes with two clips and 3 lenses (wide-angle is screwed on macro lens). The lens itself feels sturdy and is made out of aluminium alloy and is equipped with real glass lenses.

The Clip itself is a bit difficult to put on but after a couple of times i got the hang of it and its awesome that you have a little bag to put them in so you don’t lose them.


I really like this product and think that for 12.99 Euros it is an awesome gadget to have.


Check out the pics below.