Austrian Fashion Awards - Awkward meets Magical
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AFA 2015

AFA 2015 – Awkward meets Magical

It was a night of ups and downs.

Standing in the foyer of the Semperdepot squished between two fellow co-workers feeling like cattle I started thinking:

Why these kind of events more often than not go the wrong way. Everyone there was either working in the fashion industry or a fashion enthusiast. But instead of giving us for example a tour through the history of Austrian fashion by treating us with a short film presenting the “Making of” of the nominated main designers through a video or at least in someway make us excited that we were there for the brilliant fashion designers in Austria we were treated to an awkward monologue by Herr Hermes (the host) who’s name is the only thing he and fashion have in common.

The main award ceremony was so artless and badly organized that I wondered who in the world had the great idea to host the most prestigious award that the Austrian fashion world could give in 1/10 of the space the Semperdepot has to offer, then cram over 500 people into it and provide them with one unreachable bar.

As the minutes passed by I was informed about the installation that the masterminds behind Wendy & Jim – Helga Ruthner und Hermann Funkhauser had created and as the last words echoed away the doors to the main hall opened and I was treated to one of the best installations about fashion i have ever witnessed. The perfect lighting, the mixture between street magic and fashion, the music  and the dark moody corners that were broken up by the bright lit places where models stood still in perfect unison. It made me happy to see that there is still so much energy and creativity left in this beautiful city of mine.

To be honest I would have loved to hear Hermann talk about the idea, inspiration and the making of this installation instead of an awkward joke about the winner Jackie Lee and that she has no driver license.

So I say this: Give the fashion and all their events back to the people who created this industry out of nothing. And hats of to one of my favorite Austrian designers Wendy & Jim and congratulations to Marina Hoermannseder and Jackie Lee.

And to leave on a high note – the AFA’s are important to the industry and the designers but also for the people in this country. They show that even though we are not Paris or Milan – our country has a vibrant and amazing scene so let’s give them the honor they deserve and make it about the art of fashion.

See you soon on the next fashion extravaganza.