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iamrabbani by ali rabbani

Ali Rabbani is a creative director / stylist for film & print in the fields of fashion, advertisement, products, set and food. It all started with the fashion school in Vienna were he learned his skill and with that knowledge his work took him from the international fashion scene to set design for movies & magazines, to the creative direction of commercials & photoshoots or the art direction and organization of fashion shows.

At the end what started with a love for design has now bloomed into an overall insight of aesthetic & beauty.

Making the world around you look, feel and taste better is essential for him and his passion in everyday life and through that also becomes part of his work.

With his travel website (vanguardvoyager.com) and main website (iamrabbani.com) he brings this knowledge closer to his readers.

Costumer & Stylist

Full Length Movies / Short Films / Music Videos

TV-Spots / Advertisement / Commercial Movies

National and international fashion magazines


Costume Design

Design, Production, Finish


Set Design
Film, Photo and Events


Still Life / Product Stylist
Film, Photo


Food Stylist


Fashion Show Direction (Versace, Diesel, Heatherette, Agent Provocateur, Austrian Fashion Awards, …)


Designer & Prop Artist

for magazines, advertisement & film


Travel Website Vanguard Voyager

www.vanguardvoyager.com & instagram


Degrees in various fields – fashion, fabric techniques, fabric chemistry and many more and lots of happy clients (for details please contact – office@iamrabbani.com)