High Heels Take Over The World
Incredible designs by outstanding shoe designers
Amazing High Heels
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Jolan van der Wiel for Iris van Herpen

High Heels Take Over The World

If you are looking for just the right pair of high heels, to stand out of the crowd of pumps and peeps here are some unusual suggestions. All in all i still appreciate the huge amount of work and creative input to make shoes like that reality and they are. Each of these heels you can buy. Probably not anywhere near your area but still.

If you wanna see more of these designers. Anastasia Radevich , Kobe Levy , Iris Schieferstein , Iris van Herpen

By Anastasia Radevich – Lost Civilizations Collection
For the Texas Oil Worker.
I actually love these and Anastasia for creating miracles.

By Anastasia Radevich – Lost Civilizations
This will destroy you. True Story!

By Kobe Levy – His interpretation of morning coffee on feet.

By Kobe Levy – This is for the kid in you. Slide in.

By Iris Schieferstein – An artist. Creative. Always works with dead animals. Wonderful and unwearable.

By Iris van Herpen – Another wonderful designer.
Fang Shoes. Imagine the mess you have if you step on a finger or a toe.

By Paul Schietekat – High Tide Heels. Just in case you wanna go overboard. Seriously, where are you supposed to wear these other than on a set of a fashion editorial. Hmmm actually that sounds great.